Custom Painted Blinds DIY Project

Custom Painted Blinds Project

Artist Painted Custom Painted Blinds Levolor Photos Shane WaltersThese now custom painted blinds started out as standard white Levolor blinds. I opened the box of brand new Levolor blinds and disassembled them, one by one.

I laid them all out on the garage floor, got out the paint gun and turned my blinds into a painting and reassembled them.

See the photos below of the competed blinds project as well as a few work in progress photos.


Custom Painted Blinds Photos


Custom Painted Blinds Work In Progress Photos

Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Project

Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Project

Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Project Photos 9887This is my bed in floor contemporary bedroom project. It stole three months of my life but the overall result I feel is amazing. I couldn’t be much happier with the way it turned out.

You can see the photos and videos of the extremely modern minimalist bedroom below. I also attached some before and after photos.

Before this project even started I needed to change the floor. Carpet is a no go for me in every sense of the phrase. I torn it up. I then rented a concrete grinder and went to smoothing the concrete floor which was rough, un finished and filled with carpet glue.

Once I was done grinding the floor it was time for stain. I didn’t want one solid concrete color. I wanted a two tone concrete stain. So I bought two colors, putting down the lighter grey first, several layers, over several days. Then, I came back with a slightly darker grey concrete stain. I painted slight streaks all over the room.

Finally, I sealed the entire floor with a high gloss. The idea was that when it dry’s it would still look a bit wet, it did just that. It helps reflect the lights a bit in the darker room.

The walls were then painted a matte neutral grey. I choose a flat color here so the things I hang on the wall stand out a bit more. I needed mostly neutral colors because the lights will change colors. So, even the pictures on the wall are greyscale photos. The single painting I have in the room features most colors, that way it would match with any color I set the lights to.

I wanted to build my bed into the floor. I have concrete floors, so unless I get out the jackhammers it wasn’t possible. My solution was to raise half of the floor, wall to wall on just one side.

I left 4 inches between the wall and the bed. This was to put in the cove lighting on the floor. Hiding the edges, this idea actually came from looking at an infinity pool. Usually, cove lighting is used on the ceiling. I wanted it to be on the floor and around the headboard of the modern bed.

The lighting is 3 stands of RBGW LED light strips from St Louis based SuperBrightLEDS. All 3 sections can be controlled from a single remote. These lights can dance and change colors, similar to what you would see in a nightclub. The strips could be attached to music and change with the beat, though I don’t intend to do that. Those fast changing nightclub lights do bad things for anxiety. I can set the fading colors to whatever speed necessary, it could take 15 seconds or a tenth of a second to fade in and out of color.

However, I tend to just pick a specific LED light color and leave it there without a fading change. The light strips also have a set of white bulbs next to each colored bulb, this means I can set it to any color I choose then add white to it as well, making it a bit brighter.  I’ll change it to white without a color if I really need light to read a book or something of that nature.

Half of the raised floor features the built in bed. The bed has a raised edge, those are 4×4’s with the sharp edge cut on the outside so I don’t hurt myself getting to bed. The cut out section for the bed and nightstands is lined with sky blue microfiber. I used microfiber only because it’s easy to clean.

Half of the raised floor features the built in bed. The cut out section for the bed and nightstands is lined with sky blue microfiber. I only used microfiber only because it’s easy to clean.

The other half isn’t wasted space, it’s used for storage. I wanted all clutter of any kind hidden from plain sight. I don’t need things on display that don’t need to be. I wanted anything most people store on shelves behind a closed cabinet door.

The bed was then painted matte white. The idea here was to have darker walls and a dark floor with a bright white bed. This was to help the bed illuminate with the color of the led lights while everything else remained a bit darker.

I actually went into this entire project with extreme minimalism in mind. I hate clutter, anywhere. I wanted to walk in my room and see no type of clutter whatsoever. Most people have dressers and shelves, these flat surfaces become clutter magnets. It sure helped that I already have very little to store.

I work from home so my home, bedroom included doubles as an office. I work from whatever room I feel like working from that day. They all need to be work ready.

To me clutter fills your brain when unnecessary distractions, wether you are aware of it or not. When I walk into a bedroom like I built it allows me to think clearer. It allows me to create without mental distractions.

Even the sky blue microfiber boxes to the left and right of the bed where designed to hide clutter. Those are basically my night stands. I built them recessed into the bed to hide the objects placed on them. It’s only recessed about 2 inches but that’s enough to hide books and remotes from the eyes as you walk in the room. While the objects are there they don’t attract your attention.

I don’t want to say how much this total project costed me, it was too much. Far more than I expected. However, if I had a contractor build and design the bed in floor contemporary bedroom project it would be at least 4 times higher in costs. Besides, where’s the fun in that anyway. I had a blast building this myself, despite the headaches as shown below.


Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Photos ( Completed Project )


Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Photos ( Work In Progress )


Traditional Bedroom Photos ( Before The Project Started )


Bed In Floor Contemporary Bedroom Video

Lighting: SuperBrightLEDs

Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash Kills Driver Kevin Ward Jr

NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash Kills Kevin Ward Jr

Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash Kills Driver Kevin Ward Jr ( Tony Stewart Pit )Tony Stewart sprint car crash has taken a turn for the worst as Kevin Ward Jr has been pronounced dead. It happened at Canandaigua Motorsports Park and details are somewhat limited. Here’s what we know.

Scroll below to watch the Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash video.

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Department would not identify the driver but said he was pronounced dead on arrival Saturday night at a hospital in Canandaigua.

Tony Stewart and 20 year old sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr tangled in what looks like a slide job gone wrong. Kevin Ward then ran out of track, slid into the wall, cut a tire and nearly flipped.

Ward then exited his mangled car, helmet still on to show his displeasure with Tony Stewart. Kevin Ward Jr pointed as Stewart drove by under caution laps. However, it was the first caution lap. That’s important because the cars were still falling into line and slowing down. Yes, they were going slower than race pace but the sprint car field in it’s entirety was not at caution speed just yet.

Tony Stewart hit the gas as the driver approached. Fish tailing his sprint car into the standing driver. However, after watching the video below multiple times, in ultra slow motion, I really don’t think it’s that simple. The details of what happened next is very much debatable and it will be a discussion for years to come.

I think Tony Stewart hit the gas to avoid Kevin Ward Jr it was not to scare or provoke him as many have said. When the non-racing fans jump on board the conversation, this will become the frustrating part to explain. Here’s a short note directed directly at those people, your Mustang street car drives nothing like any race car, especially a dirt sprint car. In sprint car racing, if you hit the gas it helps steer the car to the left.

If you watch the video, very close, Kevin Ward Jr was walking far down the track, in an attempt to grab full attention of NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. Ward walked so far down the track it looks like the blue car, just in front of stewart (name unknown) also almost hit Ward. It appeared to me like the blue car even made a slight movement around Ward as he went past. Ward then took a few more steps, walking further down the track for the next car in line, Tony Stewart.

Kevin Ward Jr was also wearing an all black racing suit on a dimly lit dirt track. Kevin Ward Jr took a jump in front of Stewart just before Stewart got there, almost like he was trying to make him stop. Ward tried to jump back very quickly but there wasn’t enough time. I think Stewart saw him at the last second and did his best to avoid him.

Kevin Ward Jr left it to the reaction time of Tony Stewart to avoid him. Anyone who tells you that Tony Stewart hit Kevin Ward Jr on purpose needs a serious talking to. No racing driver on this planet would ever hit another standing driver purposely.

Either way, Kevin Ward Jr went flying and twirling through the air in a very upsetting sight. You can see the Tony Stewart sprint car crash video below. Warning the video is very graphic.

Kevin Ward Jr lay motionless on the track. Emergency was dispatched immediately and the driver was taken to the hospital. He was then pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at 11:15 PM.

It’s a terrible tragic incident that could have easily been avoided. The entire motorsports community send thoughts and prayers with the Ward family.

Fans at Canandaigua Motorsports Park were cleared from the speedway grandstands. The police investigation of the Tony Stewart sprint car crash with Kevin Ward Jr went underway immediately.

Sheriff Philip Povero says the 42-year-old Stewart was “fully cooperative” as he was questioned and released. Povero said multiple times the investigation is not criminal. In the press conference he also mentioned that this had happened at that very speedway before.

Roughly three hours after the accident in New York, Donny Schatz, a sprint car driver for Tony Stewart Racing, won the prestigious Knoxville Nationals in Iowa for an eighth time. Stewart had spent much of the earlier part of the week trackside in Iowa watching his drivers compete.

“I was just told there was an incident involving Tony. I don’t know to what extent or what’s happening,” Schatz said.

Today, Tony Stewart is scheduled to race in Watkins Glen, NY. Tony Stewart Racing announced that Tony Stewart will race today. However, he is scheduled to start 13th, the same number on Kevin Wade Jr’s sprint car.

Tony Stewart has announced he will address the media at some point before today’s NASCAR event at Watkins Glen International.

UPDATE: 3 hours later Tony Stewart said he would sit out this week at Watkins Glen.

Click here for additional updates on the Tony Stewart sprint car crash with Kevin Ward Jr. The link contains statements from both NASCAR as well as Tony Stewart.

Author: Shane Walters


Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash Kills Driver Kevin Ward Jr Video


Tony Stewart Sprint Car Crash Kills Driver ( Photos )

Video: YouTube

25 Year Rule White House Petition Allow Skyline GT-R

25 Year Rule White House Petition In Place

DOT:EPA 25 Year Rule White House Petition Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 WallpaperRead about the 25 Year Rule White House Petition here. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and R33 fans of the United States get excited as petition hits the web.

Most Nissan Skyline GT-R fans have come across the idea of owning one at some point in their life. You quickly find out there is a huge hurdle just getting one across the border. It’s near impossible.

If you’re one of the lucky few who can make it happen, illegally. Everyday after you risk the Skyline GT-R being impounded and crushed, for no good reason.

It’s illegal to bring a Skyline GT-R into the United States if it’s not at least 25 years old. There are very expensive ways around this. Such as shipping the car in as individual parts in different containers from Japan. Then assembling it yourself in America as a kit car. From that point, some have even registered it.

However, showing the true incompetence of the Department of Motor Vehicles, this still doesn’t make it legal. Registering your Skyline GT-R only tells the feds exactly where the Skyline’s are. Likely it will some day be crushed when they get good and ready to come collect a batch of them. Every few years you’ll see headlines about a batch of Skyline’s being crushed.

You could label it as a car for show purposes only and never drive it on public roads. Even then you have hurdles, it’s a mess.

Just this year the 1989 Skyline became legal. The problem is, this is a car with a strong cult like following. The prices on the 1989 Skyline’s went through the roof in Canada. People began buying them instantly and bringing them in from Canada.

Several people purchased them month ahead of January 1st. The cars then sat in storage containers at the shipping yard until it was legal to drive them off the lot.

If the official White House petition hits 100,000 the United States President Barack Obama will have to address the issue. Right now it has nearly 35,000 signatures. 65,000 more are needed in the next month to make it happen.

It’s beyond silly to crush a car for really no good reason. They say you can’t fix stupid but lets give it a try.

Author: Shane Walters


The DOT/EPA 25 Year Rule White House Petition Info

The Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988 ended import of grey-market vehicles to the USA. No evidence was presented that grey-import vehicles’ safety performance differed significantly from that of US models.

* Differences between U.S. vehicle and the rest of the car producing world are shrinking all the time. Most 15-year-old cars coming from Canada, Europe, or Japan will not be significantly different in safety or emissions

* Importers of grey-market vehicles have been targeted by monies taxpayers have intended to be used to secure our country against terrorist activity.

*There’s no reason why rules couldn’t be relaxed with no real detriment to safety or environment.


The DOT/EPA 25 Year Rule White House Petition Link

Click here to cast your vote on the DOT/EPA 25 Year Rule White House Petition.


The DOT/EPA 25 Year Rule White House Petition ( Nissan GT-R Photos )